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I am Beatrice.
I am a lover of all things love. Yes, I was that little girl that grew up watching Soaps and romantic comedies. I am obsessed of the notebook!! I am mother of two sweet girls, a photographer to spontaneous love birds who want to go on an adventure. I love telling your love story to the world.  

hello. I'm Beatrice.



my baby mariela

My princess shyla

real moments


gorgeous florals

I believe that you should love yourself before trying to love someone else. Marriage is beyond the pretty wedding dress and jaw dropping decor. It is about having a partner for life no matter the ups and downs. I believe that you shouldn't find your other half but that you should be whole with in your self and your partner compliments you as a person. You are together to grow in love, strength, and unity, 

I believe that marriage is greater than the wedding day

Beatrice's Philosophy